Outstanding quality: 2/28 Cashmere.

Cashmere basically comes from Mongolia/China. Since the cashmere goats have different lengths of hair, one can talk of a staple length. The price of the cashmere hair depends on the length. The longer the hair, the lower the price. The 2/28000 long-haired cashmere has the longest staple length and consequently is a high-priced product compared to all of the shorter hair lengths. Generally speaking, this cashmere is exported for further refinement and all other staple lengths are processed in China.

INCENTIVE!cashmere exclusively consists of the best processed cashmere in Italy. We only use the 2/28000 long-haired cashmere and it is formed from a monofilament to eight times as much. Only a few factories use this very exclusive cashmere since it is very expensive. The significant benefit of this cashmere is that it does not lose it´s form due to it´s high elastic recovery and that it has a high wearing comfort. Especially while grooming, our products simply become more beautiful and do not lose their form. At INCENTIVE!cashmere every color has this type a the wonderfully soft, rich and unforgettable cashmere grip.

Profession meets passion: handmade cashmere.

For gaining the cashmere-thread, the goats are rounded up once a year in spring. In a complex combing process, the fine hair of the undercoat is extracted and subsequently arranged in manual labor. In doing so at first the hair with the rougher structure is sorted out and the undercoat is sorted by color and delicacy. In the next step, the wool is washed and cleared of fat before the drying process can begin. In the last step, the rougher hair is separated from the duvet. Afterwards, the washen and separated hair is dyed elaborately and processed to a thread.

To obtain the natural environment of the goats, they are kept in flocks and the number of goats, that are nurtured per hectare, is limited. These factors are the reason why cashmere is not only one of the most precious but also one of the most eligible natural materials in the world.

Did you know, that cashmere can perfectly even out the differences in temperature between 50 degrees celsius below zero and 50 degrees celsius above zero and therefore has a one-of-a-kind standard in the midst of all the wool fibers?