Cashmere Care

INCENTIVE!cashmere uses nothing but the finest cashmere. In order for you to have fun with your products for a long time, you should take care of them properly.


Being high quality natural fibre cashmere has a somewhat assimilative capacity. You should not wash you cashmere pieces each time after wearing it. Sometimes it is fully sufficient to put it outside to simply air it.

Maintenance of Cashmere: Gentle Grooming

Washing your cashmere by hand is not the most advisable option. The best cleansing for your cashmere is the washing machine in a wool setting. In doing so, the cashmere-fibers are cleaned gently. Furthermore, you should not fill the washing drum too much so that the fibers do not rub against each other. The temperature should not be more than 15 degrees celsius and the spin cycle is advised to not be over 600 rotations.

Regardless of whether you my wash your cashmere by hand or the washing machine, we advise you to always use a fine wool detergent. The ingredients are adjusted to groom the fine thread perfectly and to obtain its quality.

Dry Properly

Preferably you should dry cashmere lying on a towel. You should never directly expose the wool to sunlight or let it dry directly on a heater.


Even our high-class products may show some pilling at the beginning depending on the color or the knitting pattern. This kind of behavior indicates the high quality of the fiber since this type of pilling is only caused by an excess. After the fist washing, you can remove the pilling without any difficulty with a cashmere comb. The pilling should then, generally speaking, not occur again.