INCENTIVE!cashmere for a piece of happiness

Driven by the desire to create something of lasting value, Stephan Dietz discovered his love for the material, which is incomparable due to its properties. Above all, incomparably soft, warming in winter and cooling in summer, cashmere gives a feeling of security. For many, the lasting value of cashmere is also an expression of materialized self-love; for Stephan Dietz, snuggling up in it is simply: a piece of happiness.

But to feel happiness – even if it is only the very small one that praises the moment and briefly gives warmth and satisfaction – is currently becoming increasingly difficult for many of us. Necessities and fears have been growing exponentially in our crisis-ridden society for more than 2 years. Problems come too close, fears become overwhelming, –  in all age groups. In these times INCENTIVE!cashmere strives to help others and launches the project #myincentive.

Stephan Dietz explains the background of the initiative in the following interview (German only)

The project #myincentive

With the project #myincentive INCENTIVE!cashmere wants to help people who currently find it particularly difficult to feel happiness and see a ray of light on the horizon. For this purpose they cooperate with an official life support.
On the one hand, personalities from various backgrounds and life and situations will be presented in the coming weeks and months, telling what drives them and helps them to keep a piece of happiness.

On the other hand, INCENTIVE!cashmere offers a T-shirt designed for the project for sale. The T-shirt costs 50 euros, which will be completely donated to an official life support. INCENTIVE!cashmere also adds 50 euros for each shirt sold, so that each shirt sold means 100 euros in donations. The project is designed to be sustainable, just like the label’s cashmere products. The aid organization to which donations are made depends on current circumstances. The first campaign is dedicated to the “Stiftung Depressionshilfe”.

Stephan Dietz - CEO INCENTIVE!cashmere

Your contribution

Orders for the #myincentive-T-Shirt will be accepted by E-Mail with the subject: „T-Shirt“ giving the amount, sizes and shipping address to einstueckvomglueck[at] or via a message on Instagram.

Your Stories

Also INCENTIVE!cashmere is eager to hear your motivating stories. Send an email with your text, image or video about what makes you get up in the morning, what drives you, what your incentive is to the project email. If you agree that your story is published on the company’s Instagram please also state this in your email.

 #myincentive: INCENTIVE!cashmere and all of us for a piece of happiness